Introducing Our Emanciplated line



With some of the toughest years of the past and present in our rear view, we wanted to do something to celebrate US! To celebrate everything black and we are doing just that with our Emanciplated line! This line has been created to take the traditional black, red and green colors honoring our Pan African heritage and fuse them with modern, chic designs that slay! This line was intentionally created to compliment each other with different shaped plates, designs and colors to acknowledge that, although we're all very different and come with tons of flavor, when we come together it creates something extraordinarily beautiful! 

Our plate line is culturally curated and designed for celebrations and occasions that uniquely commemorate African American culture and experiences.

You can find Celeplated at backyard parties, holidays, corporate celebrations, college acceptance functions, engagement parties and much much more.

Our steadfast desire is to help you celebrate any occasion YOUR way!